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Yesterday I’ve uploaded my ‘HKU Mid Term Presentation Video’ on my Youtube channel. Check it out below. It has been on the HKU website before in early 2018. I’ll have to admit: I had doubts about this video. And not because I felt that it wasn’t good enough or anything, but because it’s so personal and self-reflective. I mean, it’s not like my regular ‘lightly’ drum lesson videos at all… It’s a little insight in how I’m still trying, as a creative artist, to push myself to expand my creative horizons every day.

So who knows, maybe some people can relate to my story, are searching for their (artistic) identity themselves. One thing I can say, if you have ever the possibility to go back to school (in the broadest sense of working on yourself, I guess), don’t hesitate, just do it! I sure haven’t regret it for a second!

Between 2016 and 2018, I studied at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU)/Utrecht Conservatory to pursue a Master of Music degree. Halfway the 2nd year, in January 2018, I was asked to prepare a Mid Term Presentation about my own reflections considering my personal (creative) development in relation to my chosen study pathway; about “Where am I now?”. I chose to make a video presentation and it turned out be a kind of ‘mini-docu’ about my ongoing journey to find my true identity as a creative artist and human being. In June 2018, I graduated cum laude as a Master of Music.

The original version of this video lasted 15 minutes, this is an edited/shortened version with additional English subtitles. 

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