(pic by Rob van Dalen)

Martijn Soeterbroek (born 1981) aka DrummerMartijn is a professional drummer, educator, composer, videographer and producer from The Netherlands.

Born and raised in the very south of Holland, Martijn got his first drum lessons at the local music school in Sittard at the age of only 6 years old. Later, he studied jazz drums at the conservatories of Rotterdam (Codarts) & Utrecht (HKU), where he graduated cum laude. As a recording and performing artist, he is well-known for his versatile playing – from big band jazz to progressive rock -, maintaining his signature style.

Since 2009, Martijn has been producing drum videos for his Youtube channel ‘DrummerMartijn‘, exploring multiple subjects: from educational videos to original compositions and drum solos. To this day, ‘DrummerMartijn’ is one of the biggest independent Dutch drum channels.

Martijn leads his own fusion/jazz-band ‘DrummerMartijn Project’, founded in 2018, which exclusively plays his own compositions. Martijn is also drummer for multiple Utrecht based bands like Demi Knight, Robin Kester & Waking Skies.

With over 15 years experience as a drum educator, in 2017 Martijn wrote his own drum method for intermediate drummers: ‘DrummerMartijn’s Drum Book’. This highly acclaimed book will be published later this year. He currently teaches at Centrum voor de Kunsten Eindhoven(CKE).


Watch Martijn’s ‘HKU Mid Term Presentation video’ (short version) here:

“Between 2016 and 2018, I studied at Utrecht Conservatory (HKU) to pursue a Master of Music degree. In January 2018, I was asked to prepare a Mid Term Presentation video about my own reflections considering my personal development in relation to my chosen study pathway; about “Where am I now?”.  I guess it’s about my ongoing journey to find my true identity as a creative artist and human being. “



Read Martijn’s 4-page interview with Sticks Magazin (March 2018, in German) here: