On this page, an overview of my original songs & compositions can be found. I’ve been writing pop & rock songs my whole life, mostly for my (former) bands 21 Eyes of Ruby, Waking Skies, The New Habit, Black Wish, etc. 

In 2016, I started to write more jazz/fusion influenced originals for my DrummerMartijn videos on Youtube. At first, these productions were (mostly) one-man shows: not only did I compose, arrange & perform the songs, but I also recorded, mixed & mastered the audio productions and filmed, edited & graded the accompanying videos. In 2018, I’ve formed DrummerMartijn Project to be able to perform these songs live.

Here’s a selection of my songs & compositions, written for various bands. All music & lyrics by me, unless otherwise noted.

Waking Skies – Astronauts


Waking Skies – Still Frame


Waking Skies – You Might As Well Go Home


Anne Stockman Quartet – Snow In March


DrummerMartijn ft Chris Cornell – 4th of July (re-arrangement)

(might not play on iPhones and tablets due to copyright infringement)


The New Habit – Head Above Water (lyrics by Jamie Hayes)


21 Eyes of Ruby – Anthem for a Butterfly (lyrics by Mark Courage)


21 Eyes of Ruby – Antidote