DrummerMartijn presents: Drummers Of The Future – Intermediate


Drummers Of The Future – Intermediate: a new comprehensive drum method for intermediate drummers! Written by Dutch drummer Martijn Soeterbroek, known from his sought-after Youtube channel DrummerMartijn.

In his highly anticipated first book, Martijn presents his vision on drum education as a modern method, constructed in a unique way. The book’s based on his 20 years of experience as a drum educator.

Drummers Of The Future – Intermediate has been written for intermediate, young drummers who’ve outgrown the basic beginner books. It’s specifically designed to be used in a (two-)weekly drum lesson.

By offering varied, practical, but challenging exercises, this book wil help you to develop your:

  • stick control
  • coordination
  • creativity

Expect topics such as:

  • ghost notes
  • linear grooves
  • 4 way independence
  • drum fill groupings

“Drummers Of The Future – Intermediate” by DrummerMartijn contains 90 pages & 11 chapters. Published by Show and Marching Music/Percussion Books

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Martijn’s highly anticipated drum book ‘Drummers Of The Future – Intermediate‘ is available in stores now! Download your FREE sample E-book HERE or click on the banner!


The story behind Martijn’s Drum Book:


Martijn: “In 2017, I wrote my very own drum method book: DrummerMartijn’s Drum Book. What started as just some written-out exercises, gradually turned into a comprehensive drum method book of almost 100 pages. After a full year of testing and experimenting with the various exercises, the book was published by Show & Marching Music as ‘Drummers Of The future – Intermediate’ in November 2018.”

Fifteen years of teaching experience have allowed Martijn to develop his own fresh approach on mastering and improving drum skills such as groove, coordination and technique. As a result, Drummers Of The Future is a modern and practical hand book for intermediate drummers.   

While being a student at HKU/Conservatory Utrecht (2016-2018), following the ‘Master of Music, Performance’-pathway (Mmus), Martijn wrote his master thesis about his research on drum education for intermediate drummers. 

Read more about his Master of Music Thesis HERE


In this video Martijn reveals the title and frontcover art work!