I’ve always been a ‘Creator’, even long before I became a drummer. I have been writing songs & lyrics for as long as I can remember. Already at the age of 8 I (more or less) forced my friends in the neighborhood to start a band with me, so they could play my songs…. Nowadays, […]


A selective discography: Demi Knight – Budapest (album, 2018) [spotifyplaybutton play=”spotify:album:5UsNZhxEGngcd80InNpVBd”/]   Waking Skies – Waking Skies (EP, 2017) [spotifyplaybutton play=”spotify:album:4rC8MDrF6toEYSx2VhyG5H”/]   Demi Knight – Songs About Unfaithful Men (EP, 2016) [spotifyplaybutton play=”spotify:album:5xZtnoaqvf0RuTiyipogzo”/]   Ieke Booij – Creative To Me (EP, 2016) [spotifyplaybutton play=”spotify:album:4SoIQHNtsUGBzlvqjXLI5k”/]   The New Habit – Get Used To It! (album, 2013) […]

Welcome to the official website of Martijn Soeterbroek aka DrummerMartijn! Professional drummer, educator & creator from Utrecht, The Netherlands. Owner of Youtube channel DrummerMartijn, author of drum method book “Drummers Of the Future – Intermediate“. Drummers Of The Future – Intermediate OUT NOW!   DrummerMartijn presents Drummers Of The Future – Intermediate. This highly acclaimed […]

About DrummerMartijn

(pic by Rob van Dalen) Martijn Soeterbroek (born 1981) aka DrummerMartijn is a professional drummer, educator, composer, videographer and producer from The Netherlands. Born and raised in the very south of Holland, Martijn got his first drum lessons at the local music school in Sittard at the age of only 6 years old. Later, he […]