I’m very proud to announce my new drum method book Drummers Of The Future – Beginner (English Edition) will be published by Concert & Marching Music on Monday December 11, 2023! That’s in less than two weeks! 

Download a FREE promo PDF book (16 pages) HERE.
Or pre-order the book now and get a 15% discount HERE.

Watch Martijn’s official announcement video below:

DrummerMartijn’s Drummers Of The Future – Beginner is a complete and uniquely constructed drum method book for beginner drummers. All the basic skills of drumming are comprehensively covered. The practice material is varied and versatile, especially designed for a weekly drum lesson. The many references to existing pop songs will help you get started right away! You will work on your:

  • Drum Grooves: play all essential drum beats in a variety of styles
  • Drum Fills: discover how to use cool fills in your playing
  • Technique: work consistently on your stick technique, applied to the drum set
  • Coordination: build your coordination and independence step by step
  • Creativity: create your own grooves and fills, and experiment with sounds
  • Music Theory: learn music notation in a practical way

PS. DOTF – Beginner is available in Dutch and English!
Looking for the Dutch version? Click HERE.

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