The Re-harmonization of Bieber’s ‘Lonely’

“Reharmonization is the technique of taking an existing melodic line and altering the harmony that accompanies it. Speaking in a more practical sense, reharmonizing is to get a song that is ready and change its harmony maintaining its original melody.” Or so the internet says…. Well-known musical wizzard Jacob Collier is an absolute re-harmonize-master (check […]

Odd Groupings or How to Boost Your Fills

Proudly I present to you my new video drum lesson “Odd Groupings: How to play 3, 5, 7, 9, 11”! Almost 40 minutes of video, fully packed with explanations, exercises and demonstrations, including a short drum solo and a free downloadable work sheet. Produced, explained and performed by yours truly. Click to watch here & enjoy! The story behind “Odd Groupings” Living […]

Video Series “Drummers Of The Future” online!

DrummerMartijn proudly presents his full video series “Drummers Of The Future”, based on his eponymous drum method book. This series consists of ten video installments (and two bonus videos), making up for almost 2 hours of FREE video footage!  Martijn explains: “In this video drum lessons I will not only demonstrate the exercises of my book, but also give you lots of helpful context, tips […]