Welcome to the DrummerMartijn Studio! Owning a custom build high-end home recording studio since 2019, I’m able to record and mix high quality audio (drum) recordings. I’m happy to contribute to your music tracks! Contact me for info & pricing.

Already being a professional musician and composer, becoming an audio producer was a logical next step: I’ve (co-)produced various audio productions for a.o. 21 Eyes of Ruby, Waking Skies & The New Habit (see Discography).  

Besides self-producing most of my DrummerMartijn productions, I’ve been working together with an extensive, ever growing list of artists:

  • Siavash Kamkar (Marvash)
  • Benjamin van Geest
  • Live & Distance
  • Mad Men Music Group & Ron Hasley
  • Demi Knight
  • Sandy Bloom
  • Maggie Dae
  • Ysja van Leeuwen

Below you’ll find a selection of my studio recordings and/or self-produced tracks: