DrummerMartijn’s Drum Book

…Or “How I wrote Drummers of The Future” Martijn: “In 2017, I wrote my very own drum method book:  DrummerMartijn’s Drum Book. What started as just some written-out exercises, gradually turned into a comprehensive drum method book of almost 100 pages. After a full year of testing the various exercises with my own students, the […]

Odd Groupings or How to Boost Your Fills

Proudly I present to you my new video drum lesson “Odd Groupings: How to play 3, 5, 7, 9, 11”! Almost 40 minutes of video, fully packed with explanations, exercises and demonstrations, including a short drum solo and a free downloadable work sheet. Produced, explained and performed by yours truly. Click to watch here & enjoy! The story behind “Odd Groupings” Living […]

The Ultimate Top 20 Beginner Drum Grooves

DrummerMartijn introducing a brand new drum lesson course: “The Ultimate Top 20 Beginner Drum Grooves”! A selection of 20 essential drum beats every beginner drummer should know! Brought to you by DrummerMartijn in a series of 8 play along videos in 4 tempos: 60BPM – 80BPM – 100BPM – 120BPM! Download your FREE drum score: https://www.percussionbooks.com/ultimatetop20 […]

Drummers Of The Future – Video Drum Lessons

Below you will find a handy overview of all the FREE installments from the ‘Drummers Of The Future’-video drum series, supporting my drum method book Drummers Of The Future – Intermediate. This series consists of ten video installments (and two bonus videos!), making up for almost 2 hours of FREE video footage!  In this video drum lessons I […]

HKU Master Research Thesis

Between 2016 and 2018, I’ve been a student at HKU Utrecht (Conservatory Utrecht), following the ‘Master of Music, Performance’-pathway (Mmus). I graduated from my master studies with honours in June 2018. Besides performing my Final Master Exam, I wrote a master thesis about my research on drum education for intermediate drummers. Basically, this research formed the basis […]

Drum lessons & clinics

I’m a professional drum educator and clinician with 20 years of experience. I’m available for drum clinics and masterclasses about drums in general, my drum videos and/or my drum book. Please contact me for bookings & more info. I’ve been a drum teacher at Centrum voor de Kunsten Eindhoven (CKE) since 2006, teaching students of […]

Drummers Of The Future – Drum Method Book

DrummerMartijn presents: Drummers Of The Future – Intermediate   Drummers Of The Future – Intermediate: a new comprehensive drum method for intermediate drummers! Written by Dutch drummer Martijn Soeterbroek aka DrummerMartijn, based on his 20 years of experience as a drum educator. Drummers Of The Future – Intermediate has been written for intermediate, young drummers who’ve […]


Below you can find a playlist of all my available online FREE video drum lessons. Enjoy! Click here if your are interested in: my drum method Drummers Of The Future FREE drum transcriptions Info about drum lessons, drum clinics and masterclasses in general private drum lessons in Nieuwegein/Utrecht (Dutch) Any questions? Send me a message! […]