photography by Lisanne Soeterbroek

Martijn Soeterbroek (born 1981) aka DrummerMartijn is a professional drummer, educator, composer, videographer and producer from Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Shooting drum videos for his Youtube channel ‘DrummerMartijn‘ since 2009, Martijn has been exploring a wide range of drum related subjects. Currently, ‘DrummerMartijn’ is one of the biggest independent Dutch drum channels.

With 20 years of experience as a drum educator under his belt, Martijn published his critically acclaimed drum method book “Drummers Of The Future – Intermediate” in 2018. Prequel “Drummers of The Future – Beginner” is set for early 2022. Martijn is a renowned teacher at Centrum voor de Kunsten Eindhoven (CKE) & Conservatory Utrecht (HKU).

Born and raised in the very south of Holland, Martijn got his first drum lessons at the local music school in Sittard at the age of only 6 years old. Later, he studied jazz drums at the conservatories of Rotterdam (Codarts) & Utrecht (HKU), where he graduated cum laude. As a recording and performing artist, both as freelancer and regular band member, he is well-known for his versatile playing – from big band jazz to progressive rock -, maintaining his signature style.

Watch Martijn’s ‘HKU Mid Term Presentation video’ (short version 2018) here:

“Between 2016 and 2018, I studied at Utrecht Conservatory (HKU) to pursue a Master of Music degree. In January 2018, I was asked to prepare a Mid Term Presentation video about my own reflections considering my personal development in relation to my chosen study pathway; about “Where am I now?”.  I guess it’s about my ongoing journey to find my true identity as a creative artist and human being. “

Read Martijn’s 4-page interview with Sticks Magazin (March 2018, in German) here: