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Below you will find a fine selection of my (sometimes hand written) drum transcriptions, drum scores & drum exercise work sheets. Grooves, fills, songs, concepts… a little bit of everything, in a very non-alphabetical order. All FREE for download for you to try at home! New scores will be added regularly. Enjoy! 

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DrummerMartijn’s Performances:

  • Epic Flight (main drum groove)
  • Until The End Drum Solo – 2 against 3 foot ostinato patterns
  • I’m So Tired… – Lauv & Troye Sivan (main drum score & drum fill)
  • One Minute Drum Groove Solo (Groove #1)
  • Days Of June (2019)
  • Dirty Loops – Hit Me (drum intro)
  • Justin Bieber & benny blanco – Lonely (main drum grooves)

DrummerMartijn’s Video Drum Lessons:

  • UPDATED SCORE Tony Royster Jr (12yr old) Linear Drum Groove (w/ splashes)
  • How To Play Ghost Notes
  • Super FAST RllRL Drum Fill
  • The 9995 Drum Fill
  • Nice Steve Smith groove explained
  • Shift Your Fill! (drum fill displacements)
  • My 3 Favorite Cross – sticking Drum Fills
  • Marco Minnemann – 5 vs 7 challenge (“after show hang”)
  • Odd Groupings System Overview (off “Odd Groupings in 16th Note Drum Fills: How to Play 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11”)
  • De 5 Belangrijkste Basis Ritmes – met QR codes (Dutch)
  • NEW: Noten Lezen voor DRUMMERS 2 – drum fills worksheet
  • My Favorite Steve Jordan/John Mayer drum grooves
  • Cool Syncopated Linear Groove
  • “Wham! – Last Christmas” as a Samba Groove
  • The 543 Drum Fill
  • The Mars Volta – Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt (robot talk drum groove)
  • Drumming 7 against 3 over 4 (Benny Greb foot ostinatos)
  • Drum fill – Groupings of 5 with your Non-leading Hand
  • John Blackwell Drum Lick
  • Advanced Sextuplet Drum Fills (work sheet)
  • NEW: 12/8 vs 6/4 Tears For Fears Drum Challenge (metric modulation)


  • The “Blushda” (drum fill)
  • Bruno Mars – 24k Magic
  • John Mayer Trio – I Got A Woman (live) – Drum Intro Steve Jordan
  • Thomas Lang – The Power of Alternating Singles
  • Mark Guiliana – solo off “Drum Tricks | Reverb”
  • Harry Styles – Golden (full drum score)
  • Benny Greb 16th note triplet lick
  • Bruno Mars – Perm
  • Lenny Kravitz – Rock ’n Roll Is Dead
  • Tower of Power – Pocket Full of Soul (main drum groove)
  • My Favorite Linear Drum Grooves (worksheet)
  • James Brown – I Got You (I Feel Good) (drum score)