I’ve played in numerous bands & projects in all kinds of musical styles and line-ups. Live and studio, original music and standards. Read about my current bands HERE.

Over the years, I worked with a variety of acts, bands and musicians such as Within Temptation, Shirma Rouse, Jesse Passenier, Bart de Win, Bert Joris, Frank van der Lende, Ieke Booij, Jaap Voeten (Don’t Git Sassy!), Patrick Rugebregt, Erik Moonen, Roel van Wijk, David Demuynck, Tim Paters, Carlo Nardozza, Roland Smeets (Hot Fudge/Mad Men), etc.

Below are some of my previous bands:

21 Eyes of Ruby

My main band for 7 years (2006-2013). Started as an indie rock trio, evolved into a heavy prog rock monster. Me and lead singer Antoine Pütz did almost everything ourselves from composing and recording our music to releasing our albums and managing the band. I’ve learned so much from this time: songwriting, instrument skills, producing, video editing, graphic design, and so on. I’m still very proud of all the music we’ve created!

Full discography can be found on Spotify but can also be downloaded for FREE at Bandcamp.

Waking Skies

Alternative pop-rock from Utrecht (2015 – 2018). Started out as De Band Van Van Der Lende, official ‘house band’ of 3FM DJ Frank van der Lende’s broadcast show on Dutch national radio. Mind you, this was a night show! But we sure had fun every time we jammed in the studio at 4 o’clock in the morning! When this musical adventure ended, we changed our names to Waking Skies and released some nice videos/singles and did a bunch of live shows.

Self titled EP “Waking Skies” can be found HERE.

Demi Knight:

The finest country/Americana from Holland! Full band formed around singer-songwriter Demi Knight. Check out Demi’s debut album ‘Budapest’ HERE!

Lunar Orchestra

Musical long term project of Dutch composer Jos Heutmekers. A jazz big band with an all-star line-up, playing original compositions. Jos currently lives and studies in Norway, so unfortunately, the band is on hold for the moment.




Female fronted alternative rock band from Maastricht (2002-2004). We released a couple of singles/videos and album ‘You Won’t Feel A Thing'(see discography): one of my first experiences with (co-)producing an album.


Anne Stockman Quartet

Former jazz quartet of singer and dear friend Anne Stockman. Check out her solo EP ‘Fusion’ on Spotify!