DrummerMartijn presents: Drummers Of The Future – Intermediate


Drummers Of The Future – Intermediate: a new comprehensive drum method for intermediate drummers! Written by Dutch drummer Martijn Soeterbroek aka DrummerMartijn, based on his 20 years of experience as a drum educator.

Drummers Of The Future – Intermediate has been written for intermediate, young drummers who’ve outgrown the basic beginner books. It’s specifically designed to be used in a (two-)weekly drum lesson.

In his highly anticipated first drum book, Martijn Soeterbroek presents his vision on drum education as a modern, easy-to-use method book, constructed in a unique way. 


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By offering varied, practical, but challenging exercises, this book wil help you to develop your:

  • technique
  • coordination
  • creativity

Expect topics such as:

  • ghost notes
  • linear grooves
  • 4 way independence
  • drum fill groupings

“Drummers Of The Future – Intermediate” by DrummerMartijn contains 90 pages & 11 chapters. Published by Show and Marching Music/Percussion Books

Order your copy for only €24,95 (worldwide shipping)

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UPDATE nov 2020: The newly revised version of  Drummers Of The Future – Intermediate now comes with QR codes. Scan with your phone or tablet and watch all the instructional videos right away!


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