Between 2016 and 2018, I’ve been a student at HKU Utrecht (Conservatory Utrecht), following the ‘Master of Music, Performance’-pathway (Mmus). I graduated from my master studies with honours in June 2018.

Besides performing my Final Master Exam, I wrote a master thesis about my research on drum education for intermediate drummers. Basically, this research formed the basis for my own drum method “DrummerMartijn’s Drum Book“, which eventually became ‘Drummers Of The Future – Intermediate‘.

The main research question was (translated from Dutch):

“Can intermediate drummers improve their technical skills more easily by offering them a constructive method plan focused on continuity & applicability and will the thus achieved musical progression increase the intrinsic motivation for both pupil and teacher?”

“Door het aanbieden van een leerlijn in de vorm van een lesmethode, met een focus op continuïteit, opbouw en toepasbaarheid, kunnen gevorderde amateur drummers in het reguliere muziekonderwijs zich relevante, arbeidsintensieve, technische aspecten van het drummen makkelijker eigen maken, waardoor de gemaakte muzikale progressie zorgt voor een verhoogde intrinsieke motivatie van leerling én docent.”


You can read my master thesis here (Dutch only):


Watch Martijn’s ‘HKU Mid Term Presentation video’ (short version 2018) here:

“Between 2016 and 2018, I studied at Utrecht Conservatory (HKU) to pursue a Master of Music degree. In January 2018, I was asked to prepare a Mid Term Presentation video about my own reflections considering my personal development in relation to my chosen study pathway; about “Where am I now?”.  I guess it’s about my ongoing journey to find my true identity as a creative artist and human being. “