Reharmonization is the technique of taking an existing melodic line and altering the harmony that accompanies it. Speaking in a more practical sense, reharmonizing is to get a song that is ready and change its harmony maintaining its original melody.” Or so the internet says…. Well-known musical wizzard Jacob Collier is an absolute re-harmonize-master (check his #IharmU vids!), I am… not. But I still like to do it!  🙂

Found out about this song by Bieber & Blanco on Wednesday while zapping through tv channels, late at night. MTV promised me an hour of ‘Metal Madness’ and so this song started. Well, don’t know what went wrong there, as this song surely didn’t fit that profile, still I was hooked by the video clip of a lonely boy all by himself in a big theatre. I’m not a particular fan of Bieber’s mainstream pop music, but I’ll admit the song isn’t half bad at all. Even better, there were NO drums! Now this was getting interesting. Because as you remembered, I thoroughly enjoyed putting drums under ‘Billie Eilish’s James Bond song earlier this year.

However, as it turned out, to include drums to a song with only some minimalistic keys, that didn’t really work out unfortunately. So I decided to do a fully re-harmonized, re-arranged & newly recorded playalong with keys and drums. I’ve been working on this for 2 days, before setting up my drum recording studio and finally recording the drum parts this afternoon. Putting it all together turned out pretty quick this time.  I have to teach tomorrow, so it better be ready…

So, there you have it. ‘Lonely’. I hope you’ll be enjoying this outcome as much as I enjoyed the process! Thanks for watching, M

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