Proudly I present to you my new video drum lesson “Odd Groupings: How to play 3, 5, 7, 9, 11”! Almost 40 minutes of video, fully packed with explanations, exercises and demonstrations, including a short drum solo and a free downloadable work sheet. Produced, explained and performed by yours truly. Click to watch here & enjoy!

The story behind “Odd Groupings”

Living in strange times now, due to the world wide anti-corona virus restrictions, I’m very lucky to have my own drum studio at home, while being in lockdown. With a lot more time on my hands than anticipated, I started recording this drum lesson a couple of weeks ago. The basic idea was to record just another regular DrummerMartijn video. But 2 weeks later, I had almost accidentally produced my most comprehensive, most ambitious and also longest video by far! 

‘Odd Groupings’ is based on a concept I’ve been educating my private students for years: how to play odd (or uneven) groupings in 16th notes and how to apply them to your playing. A ‘grouping’ is a series of notes of equal note value. If played in a sequence with a predetermined sticking, you’ll get an enormous amount of creative possibilities when applied to the drum kit. If you understand what I’m saying here – or nothing at all – this might definitely be something to check out!

Below is the system overview I’m using to explain all of it. You can download this overview yourself (as PDF file) by clicking HERE!

Part of the exercises I’m demonstrating in the video, can be found as well in my drum method book “Drummers Of The Future”. See links below for more info.

I spent a lot time and energy into this project, but enjoyed every step along the way. I hope you’ll enjoy it too. Let me know your thoughts! Talk to you soon!



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